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(Youtube video title)The Office Season 1 Opening (by RangdomVids2)

I always thought the opening credits to The Office, in addition to being catchy, upbeat, and uplifting, were interesting in that BJ Novak is almost always present. The opening credits are helpful in letting the viewer know who the important characters are and what the show is about, in general. So why is BJ Novak always there? I’m only going to focus on the show as its own world not as real world marketing/material. So, for our purposes, or just my own, I suppose, if you don’t want to be roped in there with me, Ryan (BJ Novak) should not appear in the opening credits especially not on the pilot episode, because he lacks plot importance.

Everything else they have appearing in the opening credits is fine

A run down building for the Penn Paper company showing the declining industry of paper selling.

A shot of traffic showing the mundanity of the show premise.

A city limit sign welcoming you to Scranton. This is very important, well not in the grand scheme of things, but it serves the purpose of giving validity to the mockumentary. This is a real town, with real people, doing a real, everyday job.

A shot of the Dunder Mifflin logo ( introducing you to the company) affixed to the warehouse (showing you their actual job).

Introduction of Michael Scott (Steve Carell), in an infamous conference meeting talking to his employees, showing that he is the boss, but not yet how annoying he is.

The copier, accounting with a calculator (mundanity for mundanity’s sake).

Introduction of Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), who is shredding a credit card at work, exhibiting just the tip of his unique personality

Introduction to Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), who is the cool guy, hard at work, much uhnlike the slacker we meet as the show progresses.

Introduction to Pam Beesly ( Jenna Fischer), who is looking bored at the receptionist’s desk, which makes you wonder: how important is she that she gets her own shot?

Ryan Howard (BJ Novak), once again shows his importantance as he is not in the conference room meeting with his coworkers.



Jim and Pam, planting the seed of a possible relationship.

Michael fadjusting his Dundie on his desk, which (the Dundie) must be explained/become important later.

The opening credits gives, as backdrops to these major characters, the not as important characters in the office; in order of appearance: Oscar and Meredith, Kevin, Stanely and Phyllis, a group of characters in the conference room (the addition being Creed).

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   This is an empirical and critical based review of all nine seasons of NBC’s USA edition of The Office. I hope (if anyone indeed does see this) you enjoy and feel free to comment on what I’m doing well, should be changed, and your own ideas and observations. Have a great summer.

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